Martin de Louw

Chairman Dutch Organization Team

Welcome to BEC2015

Dear Bowling Friends,

In January 2014 we, the Dutch Organization, were approached by the British organization with the request if we wanted to exchange the BEC Championships of 2017 for 2015. The Dutch organization team reacted immediately positive. After the BEC Committee had given their approval, we were able to get to work. Therefore, we consider it a great privilege that we may organize the BEC


Championships for the third time (1990 2009 and 2015).


The Tournament will take place from 13th up to and including 16th May 2015 in two bowling houses (Mega Bowling Eindhoven and Flying Bowling Veldhoven) as in 2009, where up to 96 teams and 80 doubles (ladies and mixed) will play for the BEC Championships 2015.

The participants and spectators will be housed in the excellent fully renovated 4 stars Hotel Eindhoven (van der Valk concern), where also the famous Players Party (including excellent dinner with all drinks free, dance, live music and entertainment) will be held.

The Dutch Organization Team welcomes you again to Eindhoven, the fifth City in the Netherlands and we will do our very best to make your stay a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Have a good time and may the best win. Good luck.

Best Regards,

Martin de Louw

Chairman Dutch Organization Team

Secretary Philips Bowling

Jac van Kronenburg

Wega 13

5505 TL Veldhoven

The Netherlands

To contact us:

Phone: +31 40 2548568


BEC 2015

Webmaster: Jos van Vegchel

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