Philips Bowling Cup 2016 Eindhoven

August 25 up to August 28

Dear Bowlingfriends,

First of all I give you a hearty welcome to our twelfth "PHILIPS BOWLING CUP" in Eindhoven.

As chairman of the Philips Company Sport Federation Department Bowling I am very proud that we have been able to organize this tournament for the 12th time. The members of our organization team have been willing again to co-operate with great enthusiasm. Together with them we hope to make the "PHILIPS BOWLING CUP 2016" into a success again.

Many old acquaintances we can even greet this year for the 12th time as a participant in the "PHILIPS BOWLING CUP 2016".

Furthermore this year in each series of the preliminaries we have also a small present for the highest game both for the ladies and the gentlemen. For the highest game of the entire tournament there will be a nice price for both a lady and a gentleman.

The party night will be held in Hotel Eindhoven (van der Valk) in the "Conference Room 040" at the first floor, so that we can have a swinging party again .

We therefore hope sincerely that this feast for you, due to our prepared activities, will guarantee cozy, sportive and in particular pleasant days in Eindhoven.

Furthermore, we hope that together with you, we can make the PHILIPS BOWLING CUP 2016 a big success again.

We wish you lots of fun and a lot of success !!

Enjoy your stay in Eindhoven...

Martin de Louw